Testimonial – Vivek S

I completed the certificate 3 in aged care and training and assessment course and I found the staff really friendly and helpful.

Testimonial – Tulsi Sapkota

The teachers are really good and try to really help us. In manual handling got to really learn about how to help for and care about elderly people.

Testimonial – Farkhanda

I have completed certificate 3 in acute care and found that the classes have really helped me prepare for my placement and taught me about all the important work tactics. The trainers were extremely helpful and i didn’t face any issues writing reports as i have learnt how to use medical jargon.

Testmonial – Pancha Dango

Studying from Care training has immensely helped me with gaining employment as this institute is better than other institute. The staff is good and friendly as well.

Testimonial – Yali Qill

The teachers are patient and knowledgeable, so i would really recommend care training to my friends and family. I have also got a job thanks to Care training.

Testimonial – Liji George

Care training provides excellent training facilities to their students and the institute gave me adequate knowledge about manual handling which is extremely important.

Testimonial – Faith Jelimo

I completed certificate 3 in aged care which has helped me gain employment because the institute provide quality training which enabled me to get employment and helped me with the skills and knowledge required for working in the real world.

Testimonial – Ranita Singh

Studying with Care Training has 100% helped me gain a job. Its the best institute, i would prefer as compared to the previous institute I studied from in Australia. After completing certificate 3 in aged care it has changed my future as it helped me find a job. The manual handling was very beneficial as it made my work placement much easier.

Testimonial – Gayatri Dhungana

The staff is very helpful and the trainer was very good as well. Got to learn very hard tasks in a very simple way making the learning experience easier. And it helped me a lot to improve myself and accomplish my goals. No need for improvement as I believe its good enough.

Testimonial – Bebelyn Bano

I have completed certificate 3 in aged care and this has really helped me gain employment! I would absolutely recommend this course and I am thinking about proceeding to certificate 4 in Aged care. The course has helped me gain knowledge and skills required to safely handle lifters that is vital for the health and safety of patients as well as the carers.