Testimonial – Joselle Paminton

I got the job when i was doing my training which was only because of excellent teaching by the teachers. I would love to recommend this course and i have already convinced most of my friends to enroll in to care training.

Testimonial – Mahender Reddy

The course really helped me get a job and i have recommended this course to all of my friends. I really love the trainer’s teaching method and it was a very good experience.

Testimonial – Ampritpal Kaur

I already recommended one of my friend for certificate 4 in care training and she will attend the classes soon. Manual handling training is an important part of the course and it was provided brilliantly by the trainer.

Testimonial – Lallita Lama

Care training is the best place to start the career in health care sector. I am so happy to choose care training for my aged care certificate 3 course. the staff of care training is so nice to everybody and is always ready to help the students. I finished my course with great knowledge, skills and a job. Last but not leas great memories. I will definitely recommend care training to y friends and family for sure.

Testimonial – Mamata Khadka

Have completed certificate 3 in aged care. I would really recommend care training because of the good environment that gave me a chance to enhance my knowledge and skills and the staff was very helpful and cooperative.

Testimonial – Anita Moktan

I would really recommend Care training to friends and family as each class gives us theoretical knowledge and practical experience as well. Really like the trainer’s way of teaching.

Testimonial – Mary Muchiri

i completed certificate 3 in aged care and found the price very affordable and the training is really helpful and easy to understand. The manual handling was well presented and well taught.

Testimonial – Roji Lawati

I have completed my certificate 3 in aged care and studying this course has really helped me in gaining employment. I would definitely recommend studying at care training to friends and family because they provide best quality and up to date information and guidance.

Testimonial – Ugonna Hemebigam

Due to the good quality of training provided by Care Training i was able to get a job where i wanted. I also learned more skills on how to take care of elderly people.